Hi, I'm Petr

Full stack developer 路 Based in Prague, CzechiaMy main focus is PHP Symfony Vue.js WordPress WooCommerceI have rich experience with building e-commerce solutions, creating SaaS platforms, coding web applications, and of course - making websites.You can throw almost any web-related task at me.To read more about my experience, please scroll down.
Otherwise, try petrnagy.cz - maybe that's what you were looking for.

Modus operandi

What can you expect

I have been in the industry for a while now. From a total beginner to a junior with huge ego and fanatically high code standards for no practical reason, to today's senior (I hope) full-stack dev who communicates clearly and delivers on time.


I take release dates seriously.If there's a roadblock, I will let you know asap so that everyone has time to adjust and reiterate.I don't deliver surprises, and I'm not a yes-man who's scared to admit he made a wrong estimate.

Problem solving

Whatever task or problem you throw at me, I will deal with.
And I won't make the budget bleed while doing it, either.
That's because I've been fiddling with computers for two decades now. So when there is a problem, I can diagnose it fast.

Used technology

I rarely jump on the hype bandwagon anymore. I've seen too much cool tech come and go.For new projects, I will pick the ideal stack based on current and planned requirements. For existing ones, we'll use the boring (but working) stack that's already in place.


Work & Projects

Listed below is my work experience worth mentioning and a couple of side projects which helped me gain knowledge and shape my career.

Super Stack Studio
2023 - NOW

Full-stack developer

Super Stack Studio is a fully remote web development agency.Whether you need a simple website or a complex e-commerce solution, we will deliver a professional product on time.

tech used

  • PHP 8.2, Symfony 4, MySQL 8

  • Vue.js, VanillaJS, jQuery

  • WordPress, WooCommerce

2018 - now

Front-end developer

Since our front-end team was, well, me, everything web related would be a better job description here.From one-page sites and pretty landing pages with scrollytelling to complex Vue.js applications.[1]The two main products I had under my wings were both route planners, each for a specific niche.[2]When I joined, the planner was a JavaScript / PHP monolith. Now, the cycling planner is a lightweight Vue.js v2 + Silex application, and the intermodal planner is written purely in Vue.js v3.[1] Live example
[2] First one was aimed at cyclists, and the second one at commuters. One was designed to find cycling routes, the other one was looking for intermodal routes.

tech used

  • Vue.js v2, v3, JavaScript, Sass

  • PHP 7.0, 7.4, Silex v2.3, Docker

  • Mapbox GL JS, Mapbox.js, Leaflet

  • Git, Jenkins, Bash

2017 - 2018

Back-end developer

Plnapenezenka is a #1 cashback portal in Czechia.My job as a back-end dev was continuously developing current and new integrations for various international e-commerce platforms.Basically, syncing lists of orders from a bunch of terribly outdated APIs[1] to a local database, where we could process the data and calculate commissions for each user every day.[1] I mean, some of them used XML-RPC

tech used

  • PHP 7.0, Nette framework

  • Elasticsearch, Redis, Docker

  • JavaScript, jQuery

  • Git, Jenkins

2012 - 2015

Senior developer

eBR脕NA is a leading digital agency with a broad portfolio of products. In my 4 years here, I have developed, maintained, and customized all of them.I started as a Junior dev, doing mostly simple tasks like editing templates, building custom forms, or basic custom queries and data mining.After about two years, I moved to a Senior position.
My focus was two-way integrations of economic software, warehouse management software, and payment gateways with our e-commerce solution.

tech used

  • PHP 4.4, 5.x, MySQL 4, 5

  • JavaScript, jQuery

  • Proprietary software for creating websites, e-commerce sites, property development, and e-learning (all written in PHP 5.x), Wordpress

  • Git, Jenkins

Side project #3
2019 - now

Remote Weekly

Remote Weekly helps remote professionals discover new job opportunities in verified, remote-first companies.Every day, it crawls the best job boards, social networks, and career pages, so that you don't have to.
The service filters out the garbage and delivers only the best picks.
Thanks to this, it's able to deliver only highly relevant offers.

tech used

  • PHP 7.4, Symfony 3 Silex v2.3, OpenAI GPT-3

  • MariaDB 10, Algolia

  • JavaScript, Vue.js v2, Mapbox GL JS

Side project #2
Dead (2015 - 2017)


Navihub never left closed beta status.There was always one more feature I felt like I had to add before launching publicly. Just one more bug fix. One more refactoring session. Optimize the code for those zero visitors we are getting daily.And yet, it's included on this page. Why?Because the goal with Navihub was to learn a new language. I chose Ruby on Rails with PostgreSQL and let me tell you; I have never seen a framework designed so elegantly.Let me know if you have a junior opening for a Ruby on Rails developer in your team. That sh*t is a pleasure to work with.

tech used

  • Ruby on Rails v4.x, PostgreSQL, CoffeeScript

  • Google JS SDK (Maps, Places)

  • Nokia Here, Foursquare & Yelp APIs

Side project #1
2013 - now


Almost the oldest code I've written and is still running in production: Tasklog - Freelancer's best friend.Tasklog (formerly Tomatoid) was a Pomodoro timer, turned Time tracker, turned Task manager, turned robust solution helping freelancers with time tracking, task management, client & project management, reporting, and timesheets.Even though a bit dated, I still use Tasklog daily for my freelancing.

tech used

  • PHP 5.6 7.0 7.4

  • MySQL 5 MariaDB 10

  • JavaScript, jQuery


Let's talk!

Would you like me to join your team or help with an interesting project of yours? This is a good place to start.Recruiters, feel free to ping me as well.

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